"Ready Made Great Danes" by Mary Scott

Not many people are aware of the fact that most dog clubs run Rescue Schemes for their particular breed.

Instead of buying a Great Dane puppy and having to go through house training / lead training socializing, the cost of three puppy inoculations and a spaying / neutering, a "ready made" Great Dane can be obtained through our Rescue Scheme.

Don't expect to get a champion and do expect to be interrogated by the Rescue Organizer !
After all the Scheme wants to be able to match you with the ideal dog and ensure that the home the dog is going to is what will suit it best.

A donation to cover the cost of spaying / neutering and of the inoculations and microchipping is usually required. Our Rescue Scheme handle hundreds of dogs each year and the feed alone amounts to thousands of Rands

For information on rescue Great Danes available for adoption please CLICK HERE to send an e-mail.

SAGDA Rescue : Howard or Mary 072 552 1710 / Cape Town Independent Rescue : Anna (021) 902 1771

The South African Great Dane Association rescue scheme is sponsored by Vets Choice/Royal Canin